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NB terminally ill teen recreates favourite fairy tale, checks wish off bucket list

A Riverview, N.B. teen battling terminal brain cancer – whose request that people perform acts of kindness went global – has checked another item off her bucket list by recreating her favourite fairy tale.

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ChangSha Night Net

Surrounded by a large crowd of community supporters, Becca Schofield launched several Chinese lanterns along the Riverview waterfront, trying to replicate a scene from the Disney movie, Tangled. In the scene, the movie’s entire kingdom sends lanterns into the air as the main characters, Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, sing the movie’s theme song I See the Light.

“I wanted to let go of Chinese lanterns. But an event like this, I just did not expect,” said 17-year-old Schofield.

More than a thousand friends, family, fellow high school students and even strangers gathered to watch Schofield send the lanterns into the sky.

“To see that the community came together and made it happen for her and then they added the fireworks, which was amazing … She is going to have a glow on her face for days now from this,” said Schofield’s mother Anne.

WATCH: A Riverview teenager battling terminal brain cancer got to realize one of her wishes Thursday night. Surrounded by a large crowd, Becca Schofield launched Chinese lanterns to recreate a scene from her favourite Disney movie. Global’s Shelley Steeves reports.

The event was organized by several community groups, including Riverview High School and the local firefighters association, said Riverview firefighter Captain David Candy.

“It was about fulfilling a wish for Becca,” Candy said. “[She] has done so much not only locally but nationally and globally.”


Schofield’s request before the holidays had asked that people use the hashtag #BeccaToldMeTo when they performed acts of kindness.

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Her friend Danielle Gregoire said since making her wish, Schofield has inspired goodness around the world.

“I am amazed every time another story comes out and I share it and I am like, my best friend is changing the world right now,” Gregoire said.

Schofield said to see so many people gather together to support her and her family was overwhelming.

“Pretty amazing to see the power that kindness can do. You just got to open your heart.”

Becca Schofield, a 17-year-old Riverview, N.B. teenager battling terminal brain cancer, holds a pillow with a hashtag she asked people to use on social media when they performed acts of kindness in her honour.

Anne Schofield/Facebook

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